Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter
and the
Chamber of Secrets

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1. What was the argument at breakfast about?

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2. What sort of creature is Dobby?

3. What did Dobby warn Harry not to do?

4. What did the Weasley's call their home?

5. How did the Weasleys free Harry?

6. What is Ron's owl's name?

7. How did the Weasley's and Harry get to Diagon Alley?

8. Why couldn't Harry and Ron get on the Hogwarts Express?

9. How did they decide to get to Hogwarts?

10. What went wrong as they began to take off in the car?

11. What did Harry and Ron crash into with the car?

12. What are mandrakes useful for?

13. What did Ron's wand do to him when he tried to pay Malfoy back for calling Hermione a "mudblood"?

14. What happened to Filch's Mrs. Norris?

15. Where did the "rogue" bludger hit Harry? (on his body)

16. What did Professor Dumbledore grant Gilderoy Lockhart permission to start? (a learning group)

17. What does polyjuice do?

18. Who talked through the very secret diary?

19. Who opened the Chamber of Secrets, strangled the roosters,and wrote messages on the wall?

20. How did Harry kill the Riddle?


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