Welcome to the Wabmo website, most of the menus on this page will take you to games, puzzles, utilities and fun for all ages, from little kids to big kids, or 8-80. For full screen "F11" on your keyboard should toggle it on and off if needed. Some of the games were put together by me. So when you get fed-up surfin and need some time-out, pop back here and have a bit of fun. Each of the games may take a little time to load, so be patient! Some of the games have been written by other people, but are available free for non-commercial use.
Have fun regards:- Wabmo.
Active screens are fullscreen web pages, they are for fun and entertanment and are like a screensaver, and are not games.
sorry thay dont allways work to well in firefox. If you do not like the active screen, spacebar or almost any key will close an active screen, " Alt+F4" will work as well.

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