Wabmo's Fractal Dreams And Fun
Here you can adjust the parameters that will be used to compute a Mandelbrot-Set when you hit the green "Go Button!". A new window will appear, where you can watch the Mandelbrot-set being created. When using auto zoom, the applet will zoom into the set when the computation has finished. It's more fun to use the manual setting on options below.
Select Applet size Bigger Size is slower, so adapt this to your screensize and computer speed.
Start with a small one first.

Select Auto zoom for a random journey through the Mandelbrot set, or manual to select interesting regions yourself.

Select Autozoom
Example for Colormap Choose a colormap fitting your taste. To emphasize the structure, use Contrast.
I find blues and reds are better.

Choose a point where the journey should start.
Use default for an overview on the mandelbrot set.

Starting Point
Use one of these presets below if you have javascript or popups disabled:
Preset 1: Auto Zoom, Colormap: Fire, 640x480 Preset 2: Manual Zoom, Colormap: Blues, 800x600
Preset 3: Auto Zoom, Colormap: Violet, 1024x768 Preset 4: Auto Zoom, Colormap: Headache, 800x600
Further Information:
What's this all about? Explanation of Mandelbrot-Sets.
Tips and Features Technical information for this applet.

What is a fractal?
Fractals are complex, detailed geometric patterns found throughout the natural world. In this case they are complex computer generated images or designs of amazing detail. They are created using mathematical formulae and are infinite in their ability to be viewed in ever increasing detail. The closer you look (zoom in) the more detail there is. Each image represents it's parent image (self similar) but are not static. They can be incredibly mundane or extraordinarily beautiful! New formulas create new fractals, maybe the next type will be named after you! You will NOT need to know any complex math theories in order to create your own images and to enjoy this medium! Just the desire and a little creativity will go a long way!
If you would like a more detailed explanation, check out (www pages on fractals), where you will be able to find numerous links for a more in-depth look at the science of fractals. Also there are hundreds of fractal-generating programs for most operating systems, freely available from the World Wide Web to generate fractals, and most of them are free. I recommend using a search engine such as Google to search for the locations of these programs.

I have been creating fractal art for a few years now, using a variety of these programs.
The program to try and master is Ultra Fractal with the built-in tutorials, by Frederik Slijkerman.
Next are Sterling-v17 and Tiera-Zon by Stephen C. Ferguson. Then Fractal Forge by Uberto Barbini's.

Fractal Programs That I Use
Program Name Home Page
Ultra fractal http://www.ultrafractal.com/
Sterling-v17 www.eclectasy.com/Iterations-et-Flarium24/
Tiera-zon www.eclectasy.com/Iterations-et-Flarium24/
Fractal Forge http://www.fractovia.org/uberto/
Kaos Rhei http://www.feldfunker.de/software/kr.htm
Mind Boggling Fractals http://www.mbfractals.com/
Apophysis http://www.apophysis.org/
Aros http://www.arosmagic.com/
Fractint/Winfract http://spanky.triumf.ca