This program requires a Java-enabled browser.
Rules and Instructions

PipeDream is a classic game in which a plumber tries to lay pipe before a gushing stream of water can overwhelm him/her.

The board is a grid in which each square can contain a single piece of pipe. The next few pieces which the plumber can use are shown on the right. Only the bottommost piece can be placed, but after it is used the stack of pipe pieces will fall down and a new piece will appear on top.

To start playing, click on the board. After a short delay, water will start flowing out of the starting piece. Click on the board to place pieces of pipe. Place them carefully, because there is a small time penalty for replacing pieces.

A level is cleared by getting the water to flow through a certain number of pipe pieces. The remaining pieces before the level is cleared is indicated at the top.


  • Water through a piece: 200
  • Water through a cross piece both ways: 500
  • Replacing a piece: -300