Falling Bubble Puzzle
The idea is to get a match of 3 or more bubbles in the same color touching each other by releasing them upwards. Once such a match is achieved, those bubbles fall, along with any others attached to them and none other (excluding ones on the very top).

Press either [ L ] or [ J ] to change the angle of your aim, and press [ K ] to to release the color ball.

The first 3 falling bubbles get 1 point each, every additional falling bubble gets 2 more points. If the match making bubble ever bounces the table border, each bounce gets 5 more points.

The game has 10 levels, once a level is cleared, a bonus of 100 points will be added to the score.

A base line is placed above the score board, the game is over when a bubble is placed on the base line.
  Regular Bubbles
  Regular Bubbles
  Hammer Bubble, it knocks down the first bubble it touches
  Multi-Matching Bubble, it matches any bubbles