Game Play
Click on green 'Start Game' or 'Start Level' button,
then use the keyboard cursor keys.

Boots are needed in the water!

Yakshas -
Benevolent nature spirits; they are the guardians of treasures hidden in the earth and the roots of trees. Their ruler is Kubera, who lives on a mountain in the Himalayas. They are deities of cities, districts, lakes, and wells, and are thought to have originated from a cult of the ancient Dravidians.

Cherry =  10 points
Banana =  20 points
Orange =  40 points
Corn =  60 points
Strawberry =  80 points
Grape =  100 points
Melon =  200 points
Burger =  500 points
Token =  1000 points
Crown =  5000 points
Heart =  Extra Life

Rocks will eliminate red Yakshas, fill holes and break weak walls.

On the main game buttons center top, you can play all 25 levels.
You can play in this window or in a popup window.

Plus 14 levels with a maze theme on the 'Maze Game All Levels' button.

If you would like "Yakshas" in one application to play on your desktop, Click Here. This will download the application in a zip file, unzip after download and find the Yakshas application click on it to play.

With the menu buttons below you can test or practice each level of both games.