Swine Sweeper!

How To Play:
Surprisingly enough, this is much like the game Mine Sweeper that Microsoft packages with Windows 3.x and Windows 95. The object of the game is to discover all of the 99 swine hidden in the Swine Field. To do this, you have to flag them all and uncover every other spot on the board. The game will end when you either 1) flag all 99 swine and uncover every other spot or 2) if you expose one of the swine. When you click on a square and it is not a swine, one of two things will happen. Either a number will show up where you clicked or an area will clear and a bunch of numbers will show up. The numbers refer to how many swine surround that square.

Suppose I click on a square and a square with a 1 appears. This tells me that one of the 8 surrounding squares has a swine. When you are sure which square it is, flag it by pressing the CTRL key and clicking the mouse. If you aren't sure if you are correct, do that again and a question mark will appear. This can sometimes help if you are in a jam and can't solve a certain area of the puzzle.

Now here is something neat. Suppose I click on a square and it reveals a number 2. I flag the two squares where I think the swine are. Now, CTRL-Click on that original number 2. If I am correct, all of it's neighbors should clear off for you. This helps speed up the game a little bit.

Short and sweet:
Mouse-Click exposes a square.
CTRL-Click flags a square.