How to Play

The rules of the game are very simple. The objective is to move all of the robots to their respective homes. Once every robot is in their home, the game is over. The difficulty comes in the way in which robots may only be moved orthogonally (straight left, right, up, or down). They continue moving until stopped by another robot or a wall. The objective is to do it in the fewest number of moves.

Play is simple. When the cursor is hovering over a robot, an arrow will appear which denotes the direction in which the robot will move if clicked. Clicking will cause the robot to move in this direction. To change the direction of the arrow, simply move the cursor to the side of the robot in which direction you want it to move. The arrow changes depending upon the location of the cursor.

If you make a mistake while playing, you can click the 'undo' button to return the board to its previous state. The 'restart' button will return all robots to their original positions.

Number Two Puzzle
R:S R:E R:N R:W 'Red Home'
Y:W G:S B:S G:E G:N 'Green Home'
Y:N Y:W Y:S 'Yellow Home'
B:W 'Blue Home'

Number Three Puzzle
Y:W R:N R:W R:S 'Red Home'
Y:S B:W B:S B:E 'Blue Home'
G:E Y:E Y:N Y:W 'Yellow Home'
G:N G:W 'Green Home'

Number Four Puzzle
Y:S Y:E 'Yellow Home'
G:E R:E B:W G:S G:W G:N G:E 'Green Home'
R:S R:W R:N R:E R:S 'Red Home' - B:E 'Blue Home'

Number Five Puzzle
R:W B:N B:W B:S 'Blue Home'
R:S G:W G:S G:E 'Green Home'
Y:E R:E R:N R:W 'Red Home'
Y:N Y:W 'Yellow Home'

Puzzle number six can be done, but I have not put the answer here.