The Belgian maze

A Belgian maze is a maze without any loops or forks. Maze experts call such maze a "labyrinth". Mathematicians call it "unicursal". Would you think that you never could get lost in a Belgian Maze? Think again!

This puzzle shows that even Belgian mazes can be hard to solve. The trick is to keep track of what are the forward and backward directions. When you get confused (trust me, you will) you may inadvertently start moving backward until you discover your error, or until you get confused again.

Program requires a Java-enabled browser.

The Object Or Aim
Move from the blue start to the red goal. At every green "confusion point" you will be spun around a multiple of 180 degrees. The number of 180 degree rotations is deterministic (nothing random in this puzzle), but you do not know whether it is an even number or an odd number. And the number is different for every "confusion point".

Use Start button to start with the easiest challenge.
Use Previous button to go to an easier challenge.
Use Next button to go to a harder challenge.
Use Reset button to restart the current challenge.
Use Drop-list button to select a challenges (The level is the number of green "confusion points").
Use Slider button to adjust the animation speed.

Move yourself (the red dot) as follows:
Press the LEFT button to move to the left
Press the RIGHT button to move to the right
Alternatively click the mouse on the left or right half of the maze or use the use the cursor keys.