Mancala, also known as kalaha

Mancala is an ancient African game.
There exist many variations with slightly different rules.
Each player owns the kalaha on his right side and the six small bowls closest to him.
A player starts by taking all the beans from one of his small bowls and drops one bean
into the next bowl on the right, continuing around the board counterclockwise until he
has no more beans to drop.
If a player reaches his own kalaha, he drops a bean into it, but he never drops a bean
into the opponents' kalaha.
The player with the most beans in his kalaha wins.
The following are the so-called Egyptian rules:
If a player drops the last bean from his hand into his kalaha, he gets to move again.
If a player drops the last bean into one of the empty bowls on his side, he takes that bean,
and all the beans in the opponent's bowl directly across and puts them in his kalaha.
The game ends when one player no longer has any beans in his small bowls.
The other player takes all remaining beans into his own kalaha.